Tell Me Tuesday :: Will you help me win?

In January 2013, I signed up for a fitness challenge to kick my tail into high gear and GET HEALTHY for my family, my kiddos....myself! I only DREAMED of being a finalist in the challenge, until Sunday, when I was notified that I AM a finalist.

You can check it out at

I'm finalist #2 (in case you don't recognize that MUCH of me.)

This is such a huge thing for me! And I humbly ask that you glance at the pictures (boy, was it a hard pill to swallow that the finalist pics are going to be online for the world to see) and read my STORY! My journey is far from over (and please forgive the pictures...I wear a one piece swimsuit at the pool for a REASON!)

I need YOU to help me win it! And, honestly, I'd love for you to vote for ME, but I want you to vote for the finalist you believe deserves the prize! So, go to and cast your vote by Thursday, April 11th.

Thanks so much for your support!!! You can read more about my journey & the nutrition/workouts I used later this week and you can join me (and get some amazing deals and FREE bonus prizes too!)


Enjoy ::


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