Two BIG thoughts keeping you stuck

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts."  Proverbs 4:23  

Sometimes, the words in my head keep me small, afraid to be seen, and fearful of failure.  Quite often, the things I tell myself are usually the only obstacle standing in the way of my success.  

The words scrambling through my head, my self-talk, shapes what I do (and what I don't do.)  Our self-talk shapes our actions. Negative self-talk keeps us trapped in a place of not-enough-ness.

What have you told yourself lately?

  • You're not successful enough to ...
  • Everyone is smarter than you, why would they ask your opinion?
  • You couldn't possibly think you're pretty enough for ...
  • You're not brave enough to ...
  • You have to be a better mom before ...
  • You don't know enough to ...

The enemy likes to keep us in a place of unworthiness and waiting, but, as followers of Christ, we were made for more than the cycle of defeat.  

"You have circled the mountain long enough...turn north."  Deut. 2:3    


When you're in a place of defeat, fear, and shadows, you're unable to take the next step. This stuck place is usually joined by confusion and perfection paralysis.  A lack of clarity and the fear of failure keeps you from becoming the person you were created to be and from sharing the gifts you were meant to give the world. 


I'm gonna be really vulnerable here.  My biggest negative self-talk thoughts are:

1.  I'm not good enough yet.

2.  Who says I could _____.

When my self-talk is "I'm not good enough," perfection is keeping me stuck.  It sounds something like this: "If people knew how much I, as a Health Coach, struggle with keeping my kids' Halloween candy out of my mouth, they would disregard everything I teach about overcoming cravings." 

Is waiting for perfection keeping you stuck?  I want to share what I've learned...perfect ain't ever gonna happen sister.  It's been done once!  Only Jesus holds the "perfect person" prize and no amount of trying, wishing, or planning is going to get me or you that spot.  

You were created to be perfectly YOU.   Excuses over.  


When my self-talk says, "Who said you could ___", then waiting for permission is keeping me stuck.  I become a people pleaser again (read this post for more of my people pleasing.)  Instead of doing what I think is the next step, I'm waiting for someone to ask me to do it or waiting for someone to pat me on the back and tell me what a great job I'm doing in order to validate my abilities.  

Do you find yourself stuck, waiting for permission?   You already have permission from the Creator of the Universe to be yourself.  You'll never be the perfect person, but you weren't created to be a perfect person. You are enough because Jesus set you free.   


Which thought keeps you stuck?  Waiting for perfection or waiting for permission?

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