Health Coaching



Momentum is a manageable, step-by-step approach that connects YOUR unique body with a 6 week BODYFUL action plan.  You'll clean up your diet, transform your relationship with food, restore connection with your body, learn to trust yourself again.  You'll have the support you need to apply these changes to your real life!



· 6 online Momentum building coaching sessions - one each week

· 6 weekly BODYFUL STRATEGY step-by-step action plans

· An integration week to apply your BODYFUL action steps

· Recipes + menu plans

· 6 weeks of 24/7 Access to the Living Light VIP Private Facebook Group

· Manageable action steps for you to work at your own pace

· Health tools



Want these healthy changes and weight loss for life?  Maintaining long-term changes requires a realistic plan for YOU, step-by-step strategies, lots of accountability, and ongoing support.  This packages includes BODYFUL strategies that lead you to a life of health, in addition to MINDFUL strategies that identify mindsets that have kept you stuck, and HEARTFUL strategies that tap into your true desires and dreams for your life and health.  



· Six online MINDFUL+HEARTFUL STRATEGY coaching sessions 

· Three monthly BODYFUL STRATEGIES to integrate into your day to day life. 

· Three 1-on-1 PRIVATE PERSONALIZED coaching sessionwith Christy Dickison, Certified Health & Wellness Coach - One 30 minute session each month for 3 months

· Virtual email SUPPORT & accountability to answer questions, provide encouragement and support

· 3 months of 24/7 Access to the Living Light VIP Private Facebook Group

· Health tools



Successful long-term lifestyle changes require accountability, customized information, ongoing support, and teamwork.  This  package include everything you need to support you and make sure the positive changes last!



· Twelve PRIVATE SESSIONS with Christy Dickison, Certified Health & Wellness Coach—Two 50  minute sessions each month for 6 months

· Six monthly BODYFUL STRATEGIES to integrate into your day to day life. 

· BODYFUL, MINDFUL, HEARTFUL personalized recommendations to bring you to your health goals

· Email support to answer questions and provide encouragement and support

· Nutrition Analysis

· Access to online workshops - menu planning, healthy snacks, food substitutions, fast & effective exercise, etc.

· Health assessments establish progress after 3 months and 6 months

· 1 ticket to the Health & Wellness Retreat PLUS one ticket for a friend

· 24/7 Access to the Living Light VIP Private Facebook Group

· Health tools