Make Real Food...Real Easy with my favorite kitchen tools!



I almost titled this post "Tools I CANNOT live without", but thought that might be a bit meladramtic; however, to make cooking REAL food, real easy, these tools ARE super duper helpful and I highly recommend each one!  Dinner (and breakfast and lunch) would NOT be the same without them...

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Veggie Spiralizer

Honestly, this is a summer time tool around my kitchen.  We have a big garden and have a love affair with fresh zucchini (especially the organic, FREE kind that grows in our own garden.)  I use this almost daily during the summer for lots of different veggies.  We turn zucchini and yellow squash into "Zoodles" (zuchinni noodles) for spaghetti,  & "pasta" salads, Asian stirfry, and a simple side dish kind of veggie.


We use this "spirilizer" to create spiral Oven Fries using white potatoes (the spiral cutter isn't the easiest to use with dense sweet potatoes, although we HAVE used the slicing blade.) 



KitchenAid Mixer



The KitchenAid mixer is great for those messy jobs, like mixing meatballs, and especially for kneeding breads and crusts.  You might have some sticker shock, but this tool will big a work horse in your Real food kitchen!




Our blender is over 10 years old (and is on it's way out)...this  will be the one to replace it soon.  I would LOVE to have a Vitamix someday...

Food Processor

I'm not sure I could cook without a food processor. We own a large one for family sized things like salsa, cauliflower rice, pesto.  Our small one chopps veggies and makes chocolate mousse in no time flat.


It is a must have in our Real Food kitchen!

Crock Pot

In our opinion, a Crock-Pot is a must have for any kitchen.  (We have the basic one without the time but I would use the timer A LOT!)  Real food is sooooooo easy when you take 3 minutes in the morning to mix a few things in the crock-pot!  You come home after a long day at work and dinner is served!  

Salad Shooter

The Salad Shooter makes shredded cheese and slicing veggies so easy.  We have worn out 2 of these in the last 10 years shredding carrots, zucchini (for Zoodles and cheese), and countless pounds of cheese.  


Save money and avoid chemicals by grating blocks of REAL cheese instead of buying the shredded cheese (with that powdery white yuck on it).  

Rada Knives

These are our all time favorite knives!! They are sturdy, sharp and reasonably priced. We have a few of each size (because it seems like they're always dirty.) The peeler makes peeling veggies so easy, the paring knife is the perfect size for most jobs and is very sharp.  The tomato knife is the ONLY knife for cutting a ripe tomato without it squishing out everwhere.  



Be sure to pick up the sharpener too!  A dull knife is dangerous.

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