If it has to do with food and health...

You're not alone.  Take a deep breath.

I'm Christy Dickison, Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, and it's my goal to help you ditch the diet, make peace with food, and get your body back so you can be the very BEST you!  

I spent nearly 20 years learning, studying, and implementing diets and weight loss plans before switching my focus from losing weight to gaining health.  Along the way, I started Windy Ridge Naturals to help other families make natural choices for their skin and health.  

I'm passionate about empowering women shift their focus to GAINING health, making peace with food, and finding balance with mind, body, and spirit.  

If you've ever thought...

#1  I know WHAT to do but I'm overwhelmed by how to implement those things into my crazy busy life.

#2  I need a step by step plan for making healthy changes happen AND a friend to hold me to it.

Then, I have all the essential ingredients you need!

Making healthy choices can be messy.  It isn't always easy...but you don't have to be perfect to be healthy.