What you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body.

We are a REAL family who REALLY uses every product we sell. We continuously research in order to give you the real story about natural solutions for your life. If it wears the Windy Ridge Naturals name,  it was handcrafted by OUR family for yours.  Your skin. Your health. Your life.


At Windy Ridge Naturals, we are passionate about radiant skin, real food and living your best life. We believe in using only high quality, all natural ingredients! You won’t find any artificial colors, synthetics, preservatives, or questionable ingredients here. Each ingredient is hand selected for its purity, healing properties, and how well it is used by the body. Every plant, herb, or oil used in our products is all natural, organic, or wild harvested.  

The idea for Windy Ridge Farm came into view when Larry & Christy began the journey towards a healthier life for us and our 2 little girls in 2010. 


We had been living in a "cookie cutter" house in a suburban neighborhood.  The zoning for the neighborhood made it so there were no animals allowed (meaning NO backyard chickens) and limited the size of our raised bed gardens, so we decided to sell our house and buy land in the country. 


Upon completion of our new family home in 2012, we planted 1,200 square feet of raised bed gardens, began raising backyard chickens, and soon became Certified Holistic Health Coaches.




Now, we offer our family's handcrafted herbal goodness to you.  If you see it in our website shop, we use it at the Windy Ridge!  


How we can help you nourish your family?

If it wears the Windy Ridge Naturals name, it was made by our family for yours!