I wrote a book by accident...

I love to eat.  I love to cook.  I love to teach.  Put it all together and what do you get...?  Real food...Real easy! 


After my husband, Larry, and I together lost over 125 pounds, we're always asked, "How did you do it?"  Our reply, "We ate real food, not too much, mostly produce & protein."  Their blank stare that followed is expected.  Almost as if they are saying, "Of course you ate REAL food...who eats pretend food?!  Now seriously, how'd you do it?" 


After countless times of explaining what real food was, we decided to offer a wellness class that discussed real food and provided an opportunity for guests to get hands on cooking experience with real food.  I always write a booklet to go along with the courses, so I sat down a week before our first class to sketch out a few meal plans and some recipes to include.  I stopped writing 88 pages later.  Dear goodness...my little course booklet had multiplied into a real BOOK.

It's is published and available on Amazon or you can get a FREE copy when you come to a "Real food, Real easy" wellness class at our farm!  Find out for yourself what "real food" is and how it can change your life...


...just like it did ours!

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