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I have the honor of introducting you to today's guest blogger, Crystal Gray, certified Yoga instructor!  Enjoy -  Christy


Crystal Gray, Yoga Instructor

The Benefits of Yoga

by Crystal Gray, CYI, E-RYT200

The benefits of yoga span far and wide. As a matter of fact, that is what attracted me to pursue a career as a yoga instructor.  Yoga allows me to help others preserve their health – and in many situations reclaim their health.  At the same time it keeps me healthy and happy. 


Here are just a few benefits of yoga;

Yoga and Flexibility – yoga seems to be best known for its stretching component.  Flexibility leads to improved internal and external health.  Have you ever heard that if you can touch your toes, your veins and arteries could be more flexible, too?  It’s true. This means that blood clots may have a better chance of passing through veins and that your arteries may be less likely to stiffen.

Yoga and Strength – weight-bearing exercises build muscle (strength), as do repetitions of seated and reclining poses.  It is a myth to believe that you don’t build muscle in yoga classes. Let us not forget that weight-bearing exercise prevents osteoporosis. If you are out to build muscle, ask your instructor about the focus of the yoga class you are about to attend.  Each instructor teaches differently; some teach all stretching others all strength, I teach a blend.

I hope this helps entice you to attend a yoga class in the future.
~ Namaste


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Crystal Gray has been teaching yoga for 10 years and has been an active “yogini”, a female who practices yoga, for over 15 years.  Crystal has two yoga teaching certifications; a 230-hour teaching certificate from Johnson City, TN based Kudzu Yoga; and a 500-hour teaching certificate from LightenUp Yoga in Asheville, NC.  She has taught 1700+ hours over her 10 years as an instructor.


To attend one of Crystals local yoga classes in Johnson City, Elizabethon or Erwin visit her website for full details


References:  Timothy McCall, M.D., Yoga As Medicine, 2007, Yoga Journal Contributor

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