Healthy Happy Summer Tip #1

As a health coach, people are asking me questions all of the time:

What can I do to lose weight?

How can I have more energy?

What are the best foods for me?

How can I get anything accomplished with my kids here ALL DAY LONG?

Ok.  That last question was mine and I'm searching (desperately) for that answer myself *sigh*.  

Seriously though, the #1 answer to MOST of the questions I get asked as a health & wellness coach is...


True story!!!  I get to tell people to EAT MORE...  


Most diets focus on restriction and the "bad foods."  My eating philosophy keeps the focus on the "GOOD for ya" foods which simply crowd out the foods that aren't as nutritious.  You're intentionally eating so much more healthy stuff, so when you DO have fried chicken or that unbelievable dessert your grandmother brought to the picnic, it doesn't send you into a throw-in-the-towel-because-I'm an-all-or-nothing-kind-of-girl downward spiral (believe me...I know THAT spiral well myself.  It's a tough, dark place to recover from!!)  


Eating more yummy, healthy foods are going to be the answers to your questions.  I HATE telling myself "I can't have that..."  "That is BAD for me..." My inner 4-year-old rebel comes driving through all logic and pushes me past the "I shouldn'ts" into the "Watch this people...."  I don't do well with keeping my attention on what I CAN'T have.  So, truly, I tell my clients to eat more real food.  


The number one recommendation I can give to anybody about changing their health is to:

Being intentional about doubling the # of "produce" (especially vegetable) servings each day will definitely be a game changer for your health and your body.  To help you do that, I've put together a video about our #1 best seller at Windy Ridge Naturals.  It's sure to relieve the "yuck vegetables" mood for your family!

You can get your own Windy Ridge Naturals Buttermilk Ranch Mix and create your own dressing and dip delight! 

Our family drizzles a bit of the dressing over steamed veggies, adds the dry herb mix to hamburgers and soups, and we "baptize" pounds of veggie stix each week in the dip.  

Eat more ranch!  Add this yummy goodness to your shopping cart and use the discount code RANCHSUMMER to save 10% off any Windy Ridge Naturals order until June 30, 2015!

Leave me a comment below telling me how YOU use ranch in your family's real food.

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