5 Simple Ways to Relax + Change Your Body

How would taking time for yourself make you a better mom...wife...friend...person?

Most of us would like more free time, but packing more than 24 hours in one day just hasn't happened yet. 


I actually told a coach of mine that I didn't like the word "relax."  I said, "It just doesn't resonate with me."  Lol.  


As a high strung, high energy kind of gal, relaxing can be hard work doesn't come naturally.  My default mode is go, go, go, go, go, go, CRASH!  That is NOT the abundant life intended for me...or for YOU.  


"It seems that living and loving with our whole hearts requires us to respect our bodies need for renewal." 

~ Brene Brown from the book 'The Gifts of Imperfections'


When we burn the candle at both ends, it's impossible for healthy changes to stick because our bodies are in survival mode.  Your body senses stress and releases a hormone called cortisol...whether you're being chased by a bear or rushing to meet a deadline - your body sees both the same - as a threat to your life.  It's difficult to lose weight because your body is screaming, "Ahhhhhhh!"


When we're living life at 300 mph, there's no time for thinking, processing the events of the day, or taking care of yourself.  Girls, we have a difficult time putting ourselves first (or 2nd, or third even...)  We quite often give ourselves the "leftovers" which means we go to bed exhausted, mentally spent, and simply needing to crash.  

 Use these five simple ways to care for your body and change your mind, mood, and attitude.

1.  Breathe.  
Close your eyes.  (This simply "shuts down" one of your senses and allows your body to focus and not work as hard.)  Find the rhythm of your heartbeat and inhale slowly as you count four beats.  Hold the breath for four beats.  Then, exhale slowly for four beats and hold the exhaled space for 4 beats.  This is called boxed breathing.  As you practice this form of breathing, your heartbeat slows and your mind stills.  It's like a trip to the spa...minus the lavender and lovely massage. 


2.  Set aside 10 minutes of Spirit Space - daily.  
Clear space in your life for God, some Spirit space to focus on the beauty of creation and the blessings you're living.  Close the bathroom door.  Take a few moments in your car before leaving the parking lot (or pulling into your driveway.)  Walk in the woods/park/neighborhood.   A book, bible, and/or journal can be helpful to process your thoughts or spur some inner dialog.  Seriously, 10 minutes.  (I can easily spend more than 10 minutes surfing Facebook before I even get out of bed...what would it look like to reinvest this time to create this habit)


3.  Go to bed.  (period)  
Set a bedtime for yourself and begin to wrap up your evening 30 minutes prior to bedtime.  Ditch the computer, TV, and iThing screens, soak in the tub for 10 minutes, or read in bed.  Your kids will begin to ask what happened to the hateful zombie in the morning (or maybe that's just my girls...?)


4.   Get out(side).   
Relocating your body to the outdoors for just 10 minutes of the sun's natural Vitamin D can boost your mood, reset your focus/attention, and relax your body.   A small dose of sunshine could be walking the dog, weeding a flower bed, swinging on your kid's playset, or just sitting in the sun.  


5.  Enjoy fiction for fun.  
With all of the information out there at our fingertips, we're reading A LOT...stories on Facebook, blogs, news updates, work-related stuff, etc.  When was the last time you read a book for FUN?  A story (like with characters, plot development, conflict, and resolution?)  


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