Wrapping paper, crusty mashed potatoes & underwear

This morning, I found wrapping paper (and lots of trash) scattered throughout my living room, crusty mashed potatoes in my crockpot, and underwear on my kitchen island. 


Somehow, it's a surprise to me. Each year I forget how my house gets TRASHED on Christmas Day.  


December 26th should be declared "Restoration Day" - a day intentionally set aside to restore your house to its state BEFORE to the holiday explosion.  A day to clean it up, to find peace in your comfy chair again, to get it all back! 


You're probably feeling the same way about food.  You're done with the sausage balls and cookies and chex mix and casseroles and chocolate covered everything.  It's time to clean up your diet too!


A new year brings a time to press reset, for new beginnings, a clean slate. 


I challenge you to do something DIFFERENT in 2016!  

It's time to take control of your food, your body, and your life...

not just for January but for your REAL LIFE


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