Wellness Workshops

Body Armor:  Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Your immune system is your body's internal line of defense.  It's like a line of soldiers seeking foreign invaders.  Quite literally, your immune system is your personal "BODY guard."  When you get sick ... (read more


5 Real Food Dinners in 1 Hour

Feeding your family can be one of the most stress-filled, chaotic times of day.  If your family is tired of take-out but tired of investing so much time and energy into thinking, planning, making dinner, this ... (read more


Essential Oils 101

Using essential oils can be a safe, natural option to protect and maintain your and your family’s health.  Experience a large selection of natural wellness products, and discover how to use essential oils safely and effectively ... (read more


Real Food...Real Easy Workshop

You CAN eat healthy while cooking less and eating more!  Lose weight, manage your grocery budget, and spend more time with your family.  Perfect for the busy family!  This isn’t your average cooking class...(read more)

Windy Ridge Naturals does not make any health claims with Wellness classes. The purpose is for education only as you continue your natural learning journey.  We believe that plants have nutritional and healing qualities and want to help you learn how to use them safely and responsibly. Please remember to always consult your healthcare practitioner before using herbs, essential oils and natural remedies.  Information found on the internet, books, or by word of mouth should not be a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other medical professionals.