CLARITY :: for oily skin

CLARITY, formulated for blemish prone or oily skin, is a complete set of 100% truly natural face care products.  They contain no artificial colors; no synthetic ingredients, no chemical preservatives, parabens, phalates, or any questionable ingredients.  CLARITY's ingredients were specifically designed to nourish, replenish, and bring CLARITY to oily skin while gently soothing redness and blemishes.  


Windy Ridge Naturals' clients have experienced clear skin with less blemishes, reducing of acne scars, and bright healthy skin that glows.  


Radiant skin.  Radiant Health.  ~ Windy Ridge Naturals



"I get compliments all the time about how beautiful and healthy my skin looks.  I feel so comfortable in my own skin now that I don't feel the need to cover it up.  When people ask what kind of makeup I wear, they don't believe me when I tell them I don't wear ANY.  I love nourishing my skin with Windy Ridge Naturals skin care!" ~ Christy