"Real Food Real Easy" Cookbook

Real Food Cookbook

Real food...Real easy's "Make it" & "Fake it" meal plans make dinner a breeze!


Create dinners that are family friendly, kid-approved, and healthy. You won't find any dyes or "cream-of-something" here! This is great for moms, dads, or anyone in charge of getting dinner on the table for HUNGRY people with little time to spend in the kitchen. 


Features over 15 "Cook Once : Eat Twice" meals, so that you can take a night off!



  • 4 WEEKS of meal plans: Dinner?  Done!  These meal plans save you tons of time digging through old cookbooks & Pinterest.  
  • 4 Corresponding Shopping lists:  for a one-trip shopping experience
  • "Prep Day to do list" for each week, allowing you to minimize kitchen time during your busy life!


Recipes are gluten-free or offer a gluten-free alternative (many are grain free making a fabulous "Paleo" cookbook). Loads of main dishes and vegetable recipes will expand your culinary endeavors as you create dinner.  Real food...real easy!  


Enjoy real food like:

REAL Chicken Nuggets

Square Italian Meatballs

The Yummiest Pancakes EVER
Crock-pot Taco Soup

Mexican Black Beans

Bakin' Bacon

and many, many more!

(This book was created as part of our "Real Food, Real Easy" cooking course and is also available for purchase during the "Real Food, Real Easy" class.) 
Real Food Cookbook


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