Gardening doesn't have to be tons of work and it doesn't require expensive tools.  At Windy Ridge, we use raised bed gardening because I like neat and tidy spaces (and we don't have a tractor, rototiller or other big garden toys)!  


We don't need muck boots to walk in OUR garden...even after a Spring rain.  Our garden has grassy paths and vining plants that grow UP not out!  You don't need a green thumb!  You don't need to be a farmer!  



Where is the ideal location for a garden at your house?

What do you need to get started?

How do I plant a cucumber?



I'll answer these questions and MORE!!

During the Raised Bed & Container Gardening Workshops, you'll:

  • Create. Determine what kind of garden you'll be creating.
  • Dream.  Create your garden plan.  What will you grow?  Veggies?  Herbs?  Flowers?
  • Plant.  When will you begin to plant seeds/plants in the dirt?
  • Grow.  How will you feed/water the plants? How will you control pests/critters/bugs?
  • Eat.  How will you use your harvest?  Eat it fresh?  Preserve it?  Share it?

Includes farm to table lunch!

Saturday, April 16  10:30am-12:30pm

Windy Ridge Naturals, Johnson City TN

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THIS is our ONLY Gardening Workshop this year, and space is limited.

Get your spot today and begin the garden of your dreams, 
on your deck, patio, OR in your backyard!

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