Grillin' Spices

Grillin' Spices

A delicious blend of organic herbs and spices for grillin', marinades, seasoning, or just plain eating.  


Sprinkle a bit of Windy Ridge Grillin' Spices on Potatoes | Fish | Chicken | Veggies | Steak | and more!


Great as a spice rub or marinade!  We love to rub some on chicken and throw it on the grill.


Featured in our "Real Food Real Easy" cookbook.


Net weight 2 oz available in spice jar with split shaker top (may differ from jar pictured.)


Ingredients:  rosemary*, basil*, garlic powder*, salt, dry mustard*, paprika*, black pepper*, thyme*, celery seed*, parsley*, cumin*, red pepper*.  

*certified organic herbs

Grillin' Spices


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