Skinny(er) Pesto ... The Real Deal


Windy Ridge's version of pesto is based on the "traditional" recipe but skinnyized a bit to make it friendlier to my hips (and butt, and tummy, and, well you get the picture.)


In Yesterday's blog post, I showed you how to trim (harvest) your basil in order to have multiple harvests from your plant.  


Today, we're talking the Real Deal...

Pesto...the Sauce of Life.


First you'll need...BASIL.  I need A LOT of basil to produce A LOT of pesto.

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Skinny(er) Pesto STEP #1

Step #1 to making Windy Ridge Naturals' "Skinny(er) Pesto" is to...

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I won...!!! Thank you!

Thanks to you....I won the New Year's Transformation Challenge!  


Click here to read it on Fit Yummy Mummy's website!  Then, scroll to the bottom.


If you're interested in joining me, click on the link in the side bar and get 50% off the Fit Yummy Mumm's Fat Loss System and one month FREE of ClubFYM.


I never dreamed that I would actually overcome my weight-loss battle.  And the journey goes on...


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Tell Me Tuesday :: Will you help me win?

In January 2013, I signed up for a fitness challenge to kick my tail into high gear and GET HEALTHY for my family, my kiddos....myself! I only DREAMED of being a finalist in the challenge, until Sunday, when I was notified that I AM a finalist.

You can check it out at

I'm finalist #2 (in case you don't recognize that MUCH of me.)

This is such a huge thing for me! And I humbly ask that you glance at the pictures (boy, was it a hard pill to swallow that the finalist pics are going to be online for the world to see) and read my STORY! My journey is far from over (and please forgive the pictures...I wear a one piece swimsuit at the pool for a REASON!)

I need YOU to help me win it! And, honestly, I'd love for you to vote for ME, but I want you to vote for the finalist you believe deserves the prize! So, go to and cast your vote by Thursday, April 11th.

Thanks so much for your support!!! You can read more about my journey & the nutrition/workouts I used later this week and you can join me (and get some amazing deals and FREE bonus prizes too!)


Enjoy ::


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The Germination Station :: DIY Seed Starting





You can save BIG $$$$$$$$$$$ by growing your own organic veggies.  Really...YOU can!  The organic produce budget can be 2 to 3 times more expensive than than purchasing conventional produce and a lot of families can't afford that kind of increase when finances are already tight.


We actually SAVE money on our grocery bill in the summer (even though both of my kids AND my husband are on summer vacation and eating ALL of their meals at home) by growing our own organic veggies.  You can save even more money by starting those veggie plants from seeds.

Hello…my name is Christy, and I’m a garden-o-holic. Some may say I make fun of a serious condition, but my handsome husband would agree what I deal with IS a serious condition. About 3 years ago, I found a book called “Square Foot Gardening.” I knew this gardening "method" was for me because it was neat & tidy, required no special garden tools (like a big rototiller), and produced a LOT of food. The author had me at "have a weed free garden." Amen.


While we are not a certified organic farm, we do follow organic practices & chemical free methods of growing herbs, food, and raising animals. This makes buying plants from the local greenhouse a bit of an issue. NOT that we don't do it, we just want to give our food an all natural head start, so we start as much as we possible can from heirloom/organic seeds. (from previous year's gardens or Mamaw's seed savings abilities. We do buy a bunch of seeds from Baker Creek Seeds, or Seeds Savers as well.)

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Tell Me Tuesday :: Got wrinkles, dark circles?

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We have a winner...

Actually, we have TWO winners!



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Last chance...enter for FREE Windy Ridge stuff!

You haven't missed it...yet!  


Our "Happy Blogday" double prize giveaway ends TONIGHT, April 1st @ 9 pm EST (and that's no joke.)  Winners will be announced tomorrow...


Go here and follow the entry directions!!!


**Please note the "extra" entry in the comments about subscribing to the blog...*



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Happy blogday /// GIVEAWAY

This giveaway is closed.  Please visit the blog tomorrow morning  to peak at the winners!

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So, today, I had scheduled a giveaway....


Then, today happened and the giveaway was just not getting the time & attention it deserved.  YOU deserve more.  So YAY for tomorrow because it's a double prize Thursday!  TWO prizes...TWO winners.


One could be YOU!!!  Stayed'll love it.


Enjoy :: Christy


Introducing Windy Ridge Naturals



About Our Family

Hey there...I'm Christy. My amazing husband, Larry, and I have 2 beautiful girls who keep us on our toes and make us laugh (when they're not making us crazy.) Together with the animals and gardens in the "back forty", we are Windy Ridge Naturals.


The beginning of Windy Ridge...

The idea for Windy Ridge Farm came to be when my husband and I began the journey towards a healthier life for us and our 2 little girls. I attended a class about herbal medicine and a brand new door was opened!!  I realized that I could take charge of my family's was MY job as "mama".


We lived in a "cookie cutter" house in an INCREDIBLE neighborhood, but the subdivison covenant did not allow animals, which meant no free range eggs.  Plus, the size of our backyard really limited the size of garden we could have which meant we couldn't produce many organically grown veggies ourselves.  We sold our house in the great neighborhood to buy land in the country.  We built the Windy Ridge house (mostly ourselves), and upon completion in April 2012, we planted gardens, started raising baby chicks, and launched Windy Ridge Farm.  


Fast Forward to today…

In February 2013, Windy Ridge Naturals was born as the all natural herbal and skincare creations that we made and used ourselves were passed beyond our friends and family.  Now, we're offering the skin care products, herbal teas, and real food I use with our own family to YOU!  We also offer several "how to" classes at our little farm including: Breadmaking 101 and Herbal Remedies :: The Basics.


How are we different?...

We believe that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body.  We believe in using only high quality, all natural ingredients!  You will never find any synthetic preservatives or fragrances.  Herbs used in our products are all natural, organic, or wild harvested. While we are not a certified organic farm, we do follow organic practices & chemical free methods of growing herbs, food, and raising animals.


We are a REAL family who REALLY uses every product we sell.  We continuously research and learn in order to give you the real story about natural solutions for your life.  If it wears Windy Ridge Naturals’ name, then it was handcrafted right in the Windy Ridge kitchen for use with OUR own family and we can’t wait to share it with yours…



:: Christy